Update on Radio Show

Ida Buk’toka? How are you? I am excited to report that Taino Radio will air 7 days of a week with dynamic shows. I want the Taino and Indigenous communities to note that Taino Radio is seeking to educate and empower communities to share their voices. Taino Radio is committed to join forces with various Indigenous people from all over Mother Earth to share their voices. Please stay tuned to our first week of rolling out daily shows.

Future Show topics:

Taino/Indigenous Identity and role of DNA reports.

Bio-Psycho-Social-Spiritual-Healing in the Indigenous Way

First Nations Activism Power Hour

Indigenous Music

Spotlight on Taino and/or Indigenous community members

Taino (Indigenous-Caribbean) History

Breaking Indigenous News

Indigenous Caribbean contemporary dialects

Published by tainoradioadmin

Arayeke* is a self-determined, sovereign Indigenous-Caribbean Nation. Taino Radio is a public service to the Indigenous Caribbean community. *The people rise.

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