Arayeke Yukayek

Are you looking to connect with an Indigenous Caribbean community? Arayeke means that “The People Rise” and Yukayek is the nation. We are not a non- profit organization or group, but an Indigenous Tribal Nation of good, noble indigenous folks. One can become a member or supporter. A member seeks to fulfill the vision of land acquisition and maintenance as a dynamic indigenous community. A supporter will offer assistance in fulfilling the vision of the Nation. Taino Radio is a service offered to the public to educate that we are still here and have a right to exist. Please reach out to for further information.

Thank you for listening,

Sanakori, aka Taíno Sagrado

Published by tainoradioadmin

Arayeke* is a self-determined, sovereign Indigenous-Caribbean Nation. Taino Radio is a public service to the Indigenous Caribbean community. *The people rise.

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