Hello, I am Taino Sagrado, aka Sanakori (indigenous name). 

I am a NYS licensed Social Worker and Cultural-Keeper in the Indigenous-Caribbean community of Arayeke-Yukayek. I have served on various Indigenous-Caribbean communities and Native American non-profits for the past 25 years, which includes- Nacion Taina; Maisiti Yukayeke Taino; Higuayagua; North Eastern Native American Association; Nitchen, Inc., and Coopdanza, Inc. I am the founder of the NYC Indigenous Mobile Library and traveling Cultural Center, and the Shorakapok Earth Keepers/Earth Protectors programs, and the Indigenous Day of Remembrance public ceremony at Columbus Circle. I received cultural transition as a Powwow Fancy Dancer from the East Coast Two Spirit Society. Additionally, I am presently working as a Psychotherapist of children and adults at Boriken Neighborhood Health Center in East Harlem. 

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